iVac Retrofit Gate



The GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control is aftermarket automation solution for your existing iVac gates.  Key GRIT Gate Control features include:

  • proprietary Mesh Network for wireless communication
  • no limit to the number of gates that can be opened when a single tool turns on
  • use your existing iVac gates with the modern GRIT automation system

More about the GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control*

The GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control mounts to your existing iVac gate and transforms it into a GRIT device:

  • Male-Male headphone jack
  • Male-Male barrel connector cable
  • GRIT iVac control device
  • LED open/closed status indicator light

*iVac Gate is not included

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 78 in


Do I have to replace my existing gates to install GRIT automated gate control?

No! GRIT is a retrofittable automation system. The Gate Control actuator attaches to your existing metal blast gate. If you currently use plastic blast gates, you would need to install metal blast gates for the GRIT Gate Control devices to work.

Do I have to install additional AC outlets to power GRIT Gate Control?

No! Generally, you can power most of the gates in your shop with only one outlet. The GRIT Gate Control devices are powered by low-voltage power. Gates 2.5”-8” use our 9v Power Banks. Gates 9”+ use our 24v Power Banks.

I want to automate my blast gates, but I like to manually control my dust collector. Can I still use GRIT?

Absolutely! Of course we recommend automating all of the machines in your shop, but we understand that sometimes certain tools or collectors must fall outside of your GRIT system. It’s not a problem. You can automate your blast gates without automating your dust collector.

Does the Gate Control device only work when installed horizontally?

No! The GRIT Gate Control actuators are powerful enough to operate in any orientation.  If your gate is catching/binding up, we recommend taking your gate apart, sanding any burs or rough edges, and/or applying a lubricant. If your gate is not sliding smoothly with manual operation, it will not slide smoothly with our actuators. For gates 8″+, we include a Slide Guide to help keep your gate from getting our of alignment.


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