iVac Retrofit Gate



The GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control is aftermarket automation solution for your existing iVac gates.  Key GRIT Gate Control features include:

  • proprietary Mesh Network for wireless communication
  • no limit to the number of gates that can be opened when a single tool turns on
  • use your existing iVac gates with the modern GRIT automation system

More about the GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control*

The GRIT iVac Retrofit Gate Control mounts to your existing iVac gate and transforms it into a GRIT device:

  • Male-Male headphone jack
  • Male-Male barrel connector cable
  • GRIT iVac control device
  • LED open/closed status indicator light

*iVac Gate is not included

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 78 in


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