Can GRIT Access Control integrate with my current user ID access cards?

How to integrate existing proximity cards with GRIT Track RFiD System

One simple step to start is by having the shop send GRIT an example proximity card. We have previously received sample user cards from other shops, allowing us to determine the best integration approach.

If the card seamlessly integrates with our RFiD device frequencies (13.56 MHz and 125KHz), no further integration is required. Users can use their existing card to sign in at the SignOn kiosk and access machines they have permissions to use.

If the card does not work with our device, it is likely due to encryption. To handle this, the facility can send us a reader that is compatible with the ID card and communicates via WIEGAND or TTL protocol. We will create a mount for the reader, which will be attached to our SignOn device. This setup enables users to sign in to GRIT using their user proximity ID card and receive a temporary GRIT card that interfaces with all our machine RFiD devices. This process has recently been implemented at the University of Tennessee Kao Innovation Lab.

Additionally, GRIT can generate mobile wallet cards for Apple and Android phones. Users can then utilize their mobile wallet card to sign in at the SignOn kiosk and obtain a temporary GRIT card for accessing machines in the shop.

GRIT offers integration capabilities, allowing the importation of user database information and proximity card IDs from the facility’s system of record.


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