The GRIT E-Stop Trigger is the perfect choice for a CNC or any tool with a contactor. Key GRIT Trigger features include:

  • Grit Lock®-enabled technology to lock/unlock tools
  • proprietary Mesh Network for wireless communication
  • easy installation
  • tool-level power profile configurability
  • real-time current measurement
  • tool runtime data capture for reporting and maintenance scheduling

More about the GRIT E-Stop Trigger*

The GRIT E-Stop Trigger is the perfect choice for a CNC or any tool with a contactor. This product includes:

  • Removable E-Stop Contact terminal
  • Removable Tool Running Signal Terminal (3v – 24v)
  • AC Mains power wires
  • Current Transformer
  • Red/Green LED status indicator light
  • This trigger device does not work with the GRIT Track RFiD System. Contact GRIT for more information.

*We recommend all electrical installation be performed by a licensed electrician.

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 2.375 × 1.125 × 3.875 in
Trigger Specs

Emergency Stop


120V, 220V


What types of machine power does GRIT accommodate?

GRIT offers: 120v/220v (20a), Heavy Duty 120v/220v (35a), Industrial 220v (>35a), Industrial 208v/480v 3PH, E-Stop (perfect for CNCs), and remote-style Switch Triggers. If it runs on electricity, GRIT has a Trigger to fit.

Can I have more than one tool on/running at a time with GRIT?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of tools that can be on at one time.

Does GRIT work with machines that have a computer that stays on even when the tool isn’t running?

Yes! The GRIT App has configurable settings to tailor the current sensing to your tool’s unique power profile.

Does GRIT work with tools like CNCs and Lasers?

Yes! The E-Stop Trigger is the perfect choice for CNCs and any tool that has a contactor.

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