220v 20A



The GRIT Collector is the perfect choice for automating your dust collector. Key GRIT Collector features include:

  • proprietary Mesh Network for wireless communication
  • easy installation
  • easy in-App configurability
  • machine runtime data capture for reporting and maintenance scheduling

More about the GRIT 220v Collectors

The GRIT 220v Collector is the perfect choice for a dust collection system that runs with inline 220v power. This product includes:

  • 1 ft. 14AWG power cord with NEMA 6-15P plug and NEMA 6-20R receptacle (220v)
  • Red/Green LED status indicator light
  • This collector device does not work with the GRIT Track RFiD System. Contact GRIT for more information.
Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 78 in

120V, 220V

Collector Specs

Inline 220V


Q: How do I install the GRIT MagSwitch Collector for Automated Dust Collection?
A: For effective Automated Dust Collection, if your contactor enclosure has enough space, the device fits inside easily. For tighter spaces, ensure a minimum knockout size of 5/8” for proper installation.

Q: What types of dust collectors is the GRIT MagSwitch Collector compatible with?
A: The GRIT MagSwitch Collector is versatile and works seamlessly with many leading dust collector brands, enhancing Automated Dust Collection across diverse systems. It is compatible with dust collectors from Harvey, Oneida, Jet, Laguna, Bailey, Powermatic, and Grizzly, making it a flexible solution for various workshop setups.

Q: What are the specifications for Automated Dust Collection with the MagSwitch Collector?
A: The device adapts to various power configurations, supporting a broad range of Automated Dust Collection needs in diverse workshop environments.

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